Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How old should you be to be able to get fake nails at a nail salon?

i'M 12 AND GET FAKE NAILS, IS THAT OK?IT'S FUN TO DO WITH FRIENDS!I'VE HEARED IT'S BAD FOR YOU BUT WHY?How old should you be to be able to get fake nails at a nail salon?
You are old enough for it, but I'd really save it for a special occasion, like a wedding or something like that. I would guess that you probably have too much of an active lifestyle and many more fun things going on in your life to always have to worry about how your nails look all the time. It's also quite expensive in the long run. The more often that you have it done, the more it could damage your natural nails, because they file off the top layers of your nails to get the fake nails to bond with your own nails. That leaves your natural nails thinner and weaker. I think it would be much better to have a spa night at home, where you and your friends could all do regular manicures on your own nails, and have a great evening having fun and talking with each other.How old should you be to be able to get fake nails at a nail salon?
Uuuuuhhhhh.... There is no law that puts an age limit on getting fake nails. It's not like you're getting away with something illegal.
There isn't a certain age you have to be to get fake nails. It's not exactly BAD for you, but it's bad for your nails. The less you do, the better it is for yourself, especially at the age of 12. Taking of your fake nails also takes off a layer of your actual, real nail which is painful and unhealthy for your nails. It's entirely up to you (or your mother), but I wouldn't let my daughter do it until her prom days.
ur too young!!!!!!!!!!!

wait until u r 14 or 15
i got mine when i was 13. it was for an occasion, but still.

but be carefull, when i had them i was always breaking a nail, and yes it hurts alot!!!

also it hurts a little when you take them off, so its your decision when to get them, id say 13-15.
no you are not to young to get fake nails i see a lot of girls have it but. it can be bad if you keep them on to long like a whole month but if you do get fake nails and want to keep them on for a long time then you have to get them done over and over agian but it is up to you if you want to have them
Just grow your nails out. You're only 12. :D

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