Friday, January 15, 2010

Can i put on a fake nail if my toe nail came off?

I got stepped on in dance practice and my toe nail came off the next day. It was painful! I was wondering if it would be a good idea to put on a fake nail but i have literally no nail right now??.. Help?!?!Can i put on a fake nail if my toe nail came off?
Oh, ouch!

Don't put on a fake nail. Your toe needs to heal, and the glue used for the fake nail will cause a lot of damage. It's formulated to go ON a nail, not damaged skin.

Feel better.

All the best.Can i put on a fake nail if my toe nail came off?

Absolutely do not! I never lost a nail the way you did but I have had 6 nails permanently removed due to a problem with ingrown toenails and I had it done so they wouldn't grow back. You need to wear open shoes if you can and soak your feet in warm water with epsom salt. After that you want to pat the area dry and put on a thick coating of antibacterial cream and make sure it's the clear kind like neosporin, not any thing that has an opaque color to it. After a few weeks you will start to grow a new nail and when it comes in you might want to use a nail file lightly on the top to keep it smooth. If you put any adhesive on it while it is still fresh you will get a major infection or worse you can get sick from the chemicals in the glue getting into your blood. Hope this helps you and I feel for your pain.
Oh, wow. If you put a fake nail on where your toe nail used to be while it's still hurting/ripped, you'll get an infection and it'll be worse. You should wrap something around it until your toe heals and it stops hurting. Then think about another alternative.
You will have to wait until it begins to grow out so you have something to glue the fake to. You can't glue it to the nail bed pulp--that would damage the pulp and be pretty painful.
I would NOT advise it....if your whole nail came off it has to re-grow. At first it will not be smooth in the grow-in. May be quite curved. It will sort itself out much later. Ask a doctor about what to expect.

it's a good idea.

just make sure the area where the toe nail came off is cleaned.

i wouldn't use nail glue right away but if it's just sticky on the back, you're good.
do not put on a fake nail bc then the nail glue will get stuck to your skin and that will hurt really badly!!! i think that is a bad idea

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