Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Can you get fake nails off with just non-acetone nail polish remover?

it say on the bottle..

Protien enriched for artificial nails.

i got 1 off, and the rest look terrible.

i also tried hot water several times.

please help!Can you get fake nails off with just non-acetone nail polish remover?
You'd have to use a nail polish remover with acetone, or just plain acetone. The problem is that you've got to soak them for a while, unless you glued them on yourself. If you put them on the remover shouldn't take too long, but ones done at a salon then filled in take time. I tried this method once but was too impatient for it. I've had acrylics from the salon and glue-on nail many times. Glue-ons will pull off pretty easily, just try to find something small that will fit underneath them to peel them off your real nail. You can try this with acrylics too, sometimes it works. Another thing to do is try to cut the nails. This will either crack them so they come off easier or just shorten them. I've shortened mine then buffed them down thin before so it looks like you have natural, short nails. Then you just wait for them to grow or fall off. You can also go to wherever you got them put on, they'll take them off for you there. All they do is do an acetone soak then pull them off. Whatever you do, it's probably going to hurt and your nails are going to look terrible. I would invest in a good strengthening nail polish and keep it on until the bad part of the nail (where the fakes were) grows out. Don't plan on having good looking or strong nails anytime soon, that's just an effect of fake nails. Good luck and I hope I could help!Can you get fake nails off with just non-acetone nail polish remover?
Polish remover will not work. You have to use pure acetone.

Pour some into a glass bowl and soak for about 20 minutes. Use an orangewood stick to scrape off the loosened product. Soak and scrape until it's all off.

You will have to do one hand at a time. Keep the nails in the acetone when scraping as it will start to harden if you remove them.

If your acrylics have a gel overlay then you will have to file the nail to break the gel seal. If you don't, no amount of soaking will penetrate the gel.

You can use a very fine buffer after all the product is off to smooth out your nails.

Good luck!
Mine came off...kinda.

I found it easier to pull them off. Mine were glue-on-at-home. I found it easiest to get a small split in the middle of them - just a short one from the tip of the fake nail to the beginning of my real nail - and then peel them off in halves. There's still a little glue left on them, but the on the other hand, where I've tried to soak them off with non-acetone nail polish remover, I still have actual fake nail. =[
No... To get the actual nail off, if they were ceramic, I suggest you go to the nail saloon. If they're the glue on, simple pulling them off will do the trick. To get the colors redone, either paint of it, or do a clear tone, and then a new color, to help is look better.
you have to use acetone nail polish remover

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