Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How do I remove fake nails without going to the nail salon?

Pour some acetone into a GLASS bowl. Soak your nails in it. Use an orange stick to scrape off the dissolved acrylic as it softens in the acetone. repeat. repeat.How do I remove fake nails without going to the nail salon?
when i got fake nails they told i could remove them by soaking them in acetone ( an ingredient in nail polish remover) they're supposed to wear down so you can kind of peel them off, well i soaked mine in nail polish remover with acetone ( u can buy the kind with or without) and it didnt work very well, you could try pure acetone i guess but i don't know if it could damage you fingernails or what so you might want to reasearch it more before you try it. hope it helps! :)How do I remove fake nails without going to the nail salon?
soak in acetone then it dissolves the fake nail so just pick it off little by little repeat as necessary
put acetone in a bowl then get a bigger bowl and fill it with hot water put the bowl of acetone inside it but don't let the hot over flow into the acetone( the warm water helps dissolve the acrylic quicker). Then soak your nails inside and just use your nails and scrape off the acrylic as it gets soft and after a bit dump out the old acetone and put some fresh in there and repeat once more then you should be done. Take a file to them the buff them out to make them look better again.
put you hands in hot water if you got them done at the solon and put them in warm water if you put them on yourself and let them sit there for a while
Pull them off!
at your local drugstore you can find in the fake nail area something to remove fake nails. you dip your finger nails in and rub it against the sides and they peel right off =)


hope this helped you out!!!

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