Friday, January 15, 2010

Does It really ruin your nail bed when u get your fake nails put on?

Does It really ruin your nail bed when u get your fake nails put on?

ALot of people are telling me that.Does It really ruin your nail bed when u get your fake nails put on?
They do become a little fragile. But when you take them of permanently, they will heal themselves (become stronger, healthier) in a few weeks.Does It really ruin your nail bed when u get your fake nails put on?



















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Yes u can because u are using glue and a lot of chemicals that they use to put fake nails on. Also, after u want the nails off they look so nasty that it takes a while before the glue comes completely off...
Yes it does harm your nail bed, especially if you allow them to use that mechanical filer on your nail first. That weakens your natural nail even more so than hand filing.

If you are only wanting nails for an one night special occasion, I would recommend some press on nails. They are getting really good now and will actually stay on for a long time. Last set I wore lasted all day and into the next before they started falling off.

If you do want to get fake nails, I would recommend gel sets, they cost a little bit more, but I *think* they are lighter and easier on your natural nail. There may be better reasons, but I can't think of them right now. Also, take them off every so often to allow your natural nail/nail bed to breath and build up.

Also, another thing to watch out for is fungus. Make sure everything is clean and dry before they glue everything down.

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yes it does especially if you wear them a long time. they actually make my own nails sore in just a days time.
Yes it does.
It can cause infections and damage to your nail bed and cuticles. I have only had fake nails done a few times, for special occasions and prefer to deal with keeping my own nails clean and healthy. You have to make sure that you go to a reputable and very clean salon. Make sure that the tools are clean and do not get used by anyone else without being cleaned and disinfected before they are used on you.

It is very dangerous to damage your fingernails and toenails, as it can cause an infection to run through your body very rapidly. If you do want to have your nails done, you should research the salon extensively before doing so. Good luck.
Fake nails, whether they are acrillycs or just the ones you glue on, will thin out your nail. However, if you let them grow out without pulling or chipping them off then you will benefit from two things: your nails will be long without breaking and the new, grown out part of the nail will be hard. Good luck!
Well. when you take them off the glue sometimes sticks to the outer layer of your nail, causing it to tear of makeing your nail more likely to split which is very painful. I find soaking your nails in water for at least 5 minutes longer than they say helps.
no,my sister always gets them... she gets them usually around xmas then lets them grow off and her nails are always fine after...
yes it does. they grow very well but your nails will be very soft and week. i get my nails done evry two weeks and whenever i take them off for a break my nails hurt very badky. whenever i bump them into something it hurts. and your nails are often to weak open soda and stuff like that. my nails are able to bend all the way back after taking them off.
Kind of yeah
It can make the real nail underneath die. It deprives oxygen to the nail bed, which causes the nail underneath to become soft and tear easily. If you are going to have fake nails, make sure you keep them maintained properly, or you may just lose your fingernail.
yes...i got them once and it took my nails 7 months to go back to normal!!! i will never get fake nails ever again!
yes especially from that Asian nails place!!!
Yes it does, but if you have them taken off and then get a manicure, then you will be fine...
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