Sunday, January 17, 2010

Fake nail first timer! If you have ever gotten fake nails before please read! I just need an opinion!?

My mom said that for my birthday I can get my first set of fake nails!

What is it like?

What are the steps?

What does it feel like?

Also if you could answer my other question that would be great!

All you have to do is rate my party idea 1-10!Fake nail first timer! If you have ever gotten fake nails before please read! I just need an opinion!?
fake nails are pretty neat.

this is what it's like

the salon is a little stinky due to the chemicals that they use, but it's not so bad

they file and buff your nails and use a little grinder thing to buff your cuticles (don't worry, unless a compete retard is doing your nails this does not hurt one bit and even if they do knick you, it's like barely being touched).

they then ask what shape of nail you want (square tip or rounded) and then prepare the false nail for your nails. after the false nail is applied they top it with acrillic stuff that is about the consistincy of paste but much smoother. that is what actually gives the nail it's sheen and thickness. after this dries, they paint the nails, or just top coat for french manicures.

it's actually kind of fun, but fyi, getting them off is touch, you should go back to have them removed because ripping them off yourself can be very painful and ruin your real nails. :)Fake nail first timer! If you have ever gotten fake nails before please read! I just need an opinion!?
Yes, I gave in to getting fake nails about 7 yrs ago..I could never grow my own they are way too thin and split or break..I went with my sister and had them done for a special occasion ..I thought they looked great but I thought they felt so weird..I felt like someone pasted plastic over my original nails and I felt like my nails were sufficating or not able to get air..I ended up peeling them off within hrs I couldn't stand them...It really hurt and I pulled off most of my normal nails outer layer or deeper...It took over 4 months for them to be normal again....I really liked the way they looked but didn't like the feel...I gave in again like a yr later but I made myself NOT pull them off and I eventually got used to them..I kept them for over 4 yrs but I had to get them done every 3 weeks at least.. It got expensive since I stopped working and didn;t have the extra income...I got rid of them again and didn't have any since..I don't miss them but they did look nice....If only I could keep my nails nicer without the expence ...I have to work on it...GOOD LUCK!
it depends on why you are using them. do you have short nails, or do they just look too casual to you for a party?

it doesnt make a difference i think. i used a lot of them but now im tryn to get rid of them. because they hurt my fingers, and you cant remove the glue on your nails after gettin them off.(that may not occur if you have better ones than mine, but i dont know exactly, mines were very expensive:S:D)

if they seem too casual to you, get a beautiful manicure done.

if its toooooo much important to you, every word is meanless to you.try it yourself then:)
Well, personally, i think it feels weird, like someone is constantly puching down on your finger because of the glue. Some sets are different. You usually pick the right size nail from the ones in the pack and you follow the steps on glue and let it sit. tah-dah! I also think that having fake nails is cool, but it does annoy me. If you leave them on long enough, they can make your nails weaker when you remove them. hope that helps. : )
Depends what kind you are getting. Are you going somewhere to get them done? Cause I know nothing about that. Lol.

I get the kind from stores that you put on yourself, mainly because I bite my nails and they help me stop. So , for me it's weird because I'm not used to long nails. Other than that, it's not that annoying or bad. You adjust after the first day so they don't get in the way after that. I don't know about steps. But they're fun to have. Feels just like having long nails, I assume. I don't actually know. I've never had long nails. Lol.

Good luck! Enjoy your nails!

Fake nails are really pretty but depending on who you get sometimes it hurt a little. They mess up your other nails underneath too. I had them and liked them for the first couple of week and then my real nail grew out and they looked bad. It is not a one time deal it has to be kept up to look nice. But since you have never done it, you never know you might like it. A lot of girls have their nails done.
like acrylics or fake fake nails?

if your going somewhere to get them done,

don't get them too long since its your first

set and get used to them.

eventually they'll start growing out and you'll need to

go back and get them filled in.

also you should decide if you want french, or allover color, or designs
your nails will look more lady like. first they put the nails on, then crilic (not sure how to spell that word) to make the nail hard, then even and file your nails, paint and top coat. SOMETIMES the very first set will leave you nails a little sore but it will go away and it's well worth it.

they are so annoying at first,

but after a couple days youll get use to them

so give them a few days before you judge them,

they feel funny, but you get use to them.

they are so fun to type with:]

well honestly they are really annoying!!!!

i hate fake nails they are pretty and everything

but annoying..i just get manicures they are better :)
i love getting my nails done

i dont know the exact steps but i no its really relaxing

just make sure you dont get ur nails too long b/c it does take a while to get used to them

I have had those type but I found them too expensive to keep them up. They look great though.
gettin fake nails ruins ur real nails dont get them

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