Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fake Nail help with nail growth?

My nails are chipping really badley, so i started to wear fake nails in hope my nails will grow, and be stronger. What im asking is it will work, or im just wasteing my time on this?Fake Nail help with nail growth?
fake nails, when put on right, involve you having to file down yoru existing nails, which isn't going to help them if they're already in a weakened state.

Sally Hansen has some great products to help strengthen your nails. make sure that you're keeping your hands moisturized. if your hands are dry, your nails are more likely to chip. also, eat more jello. believe it or not, it works.Fake Nail help with nail growth?

Noo don't go for fake nails! especially if your nails are chipping, they make your nails even thinner (bendable like paper) and depending on how long you have them for a deep ridge half way through nail, that can take 6months to grow out!

Go to a salon and have hot oil manicure which benefits for flaking/ fragile nails anhydrating the nails and cuticles whilst moisturising dry skin.

do course of treatments and ask the technician when you should come back (depending on your nails), your nails will soon look lovely again!!

Hope this helps you somehow!!
Fake nails are the last things you should do for this, hon. They will be even weaker once you have them removed.

You need to take Biotin daily. It takes a long time to work though- like a year.

Keep your nails pretty short.

Paint on a strengthener like they sell in drugstores. I have used several of the Sally Hanson ones- they're pretty good. Make sure you use several coats.

Also, When mine were chipping and peeling so badly, I used superglue on the tips and underneath to add strength until stronger nail grew out.

Wear rubber gloves if you have to do dishes by hand- the water will soften the nails which makes them more prone to breaking.

Most of all- BE CAREFUL with them!
Eventually you will have to take the the fake ones off to see the nail underneath which is going to take off some of the real nail making it week. I have acrylics because I bite my nails. So if you are going to take the fakes off it will affect your real nails.
waste of time. grow naturally. the nails will eventually grow stronger up to the point when ur nails wont break at all. ur welcome lmbo

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