Friday, January 15, 2010

Fake nails clear nail polish instead of glue?

Can you use clear nail polish instead of glue for the fake nails. Because I don't want to ruin my nails, and I just wanted to know what you thought and if you have ever tried this and how it worked out for you? thanks! :)Fake nails clear nail polish instead of glue?
Clear polish by itself will not adhere well enough.BUT, if you were to apply two or three thin coats of clear polish, let it dry, and then apply the nail glue %26amp; nails, this would help to protect your natural nails because there would now be a 'layer' of protection between the nail glue and your real nails. It will not hold as strong as nail glue by itself, but it will hold them quite well. It also makes removing them a breeze!Fake nails clear nail polish instead of glue?
Hi if you are talking about press on already made nails then i don't know how well the nail polish will keep on your nails if at all.

If you wanted acrylic nails that has to be applied with the liquid and powder do not 'prep' your nails just clean them with nail polish remover and apply the acrylic this is a temporary nail and comes off in 12-15 hours.

If you need to glue them down you can just when it is time for them to come off be VERY CAREFUL and file them off always file in one direction and DO NOT file your natural nail as you will get them damaged.

A friend i have uses coloured nail polish instead of glue and then the fake nails she wears on top look really good.

But you should probably check with a beautician before you do it because otherwise you might damage your nails.

uhm no....not very smart are we kids? clear nail polish chips...FAST....i mean you could do it but the fake nails would last all of maybe 2 hours...and dont touch anything they will pop off
Idk if it will hold good though so just ask at a local salon to be sure!!!! Well Good Luck!
It wouldn't stick.
i think as soon as you barely hit your nail on something it will pop right off
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