Friday, January 15, 2010

Ladies, do you like wearing fake nails or nail polish?

I love fake nails%26lt;3Ladies, do you like wearing fake nails or nail polish?
nail polish. I hate fake nails! especially acrylic nails. they hurt so much when you have to take them off and they ruin my nails %26gt;:[ but I still end up getting them done for special occasions anyways. when I have to take them off again I realize it was a stupid idea to get them done in the first place then I still continue to get them :PLadies, do you like wearing fake nails or nail polish?
i LOVE wearing nail polish, i have so many lol i've never gotten around to wearing fake nails yet cuz i'm afraid of getting a disease or something from those nail places, but i'll eventually end up going one day cuz i want them soooo bad lol =]
nope, i like natural nails. sometimes i like to wear fake nails just for like parties or something.
yes im a guy but i love it

answer mine:;鈥?/a>
Depends on the look. If the fake nails are long... and look abnormal. I say nail polish. Either way I like nail polish. ( :
Sometimes I polish my nails sometimes I like just the more natural buffed look
i like fake nails but id rather have the real thang and have my own nails with my fav nail polish
love them !
Nail polish%26lt;3 I don't really need fake nails.

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