Wednesday, January 13, 2010

How Can I Remove My Fake Nail?

I put on fake nails for the first time and I will NEVER do it again. All the other fake nails came off already but only one is left. I can't pull it off or take it off any way because I cut the whole tip of the nail off because the instructions said to cut off the tip and soak it in acetone but it dosen't work. I don't know what to do. There is no way to pull it off because I already cut off the tip. Please help!How Can I Remove My Fake Nail?
I was in beauty school and this is the quickest way. First using a nail clipper, clip off the tips of the nails down to the length of your natural nails. Soak both hands in a bowl of acetone or nailpolish remover for about 30 minutes or so. The tips will get soft after a while and afterwards you can easily pry them loose with nail clippers ( the best ones to use are the clippers that are sideways at an angle and they usually come in manicure kits). Once the acrylic has been removed you should wash your hands in warm water with soap and use moisturizing lotion. Use Vaseline Intensive Therapy Lotion because it is good for nails. Do that daily to help them heal.How Can I Remove My Fake Nail?
try soaking the nail in nail polish remover. or this may be kinda werid but suck on that nail and than try to bite and rip it off. or hold it under hot water.
just put your hand in lukewarm/hot water for few minutes and the glue will automatically get loosed and then just rip that slowly.
It's simple...(and please don't ever torture your nails like that again...natural is best...) All you do is take that finger and soak it in acetone (nail polish remover with acetone-some don't have it)-the stronger one in other words...wait 5 mins and take a file and slowly try peeling it up from the not keep soaking it and file it down...Good luck..
get some cuticle cutters and try to get at the edge of the nail and keep clipping it down, until there is nothing left. don't pull on it when u clip it. just do it like Ur trimming it and eventually it will come off. i get my nails done at a salon all the time and that's what i do and salon nails stay on better then just regular press-on's.
it take a fake nail about 15 to 30 minutes to soak off in acetone. don't try to pull it off because you will damage your nail bed.make sure you have pure acetone to soak the nail need. it should come off .
soak them for about an hour.
slam finger in the door
soak it in 100% acitone nail polish remover, had the same situation
Soak them in polish remover or cut them down and pop them off...
well, if you have gotten them done at a nail salon it is probably going to hurt..

i always wait for my nails to grow out a bit where i can see the new nail growing and then i pick it off from the bottom corner because that is the only place you can really get under it.

your nail will probably be reall messed up and will take a while to grow back right.

I actually keep getting my nails done because im scared of pulling my whole nail off someday.

soak it in acetone. some nail polish has it %26amp; it will be cheaper than going to salon.
Soak in nail polish remover!!!

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