Sunday, January 17, 2010

How to remove a fake figure nail?

While sitting in school today uh.. lets say working. The girl next to me ask if she could put a fake figure nail on my thumb. Well... she was really cute and I couldnt turn her down. She put some glue like stuff on... I can't get it off. I seriously thought it would just pop off. but its not.... please.. help meHow to remove a fake figure nail?
what's a figure nail? anything like a finger nail?How to remove a fake figure nail?
Soak your nails in acetone. After a few minutes it should come off easily.
HAHAHHA woww. well first of all. whyyy on earth would you put a fake finger nail on.

and second. you either have to rip it off. [it will hurt] or go get nail polish remover and soak your finger in there for like a while. and then. take it off. but then you can like eat or whatever cause if your finger touches your mouth will taste like crap. :]] good luckk

OOH you could like bite it off. but that doesn't really work sometimes..
AWWW poor guy.. Thats cruel..... Stick it in some nailpolish remover.. It will get all gooey and melt off...It will take some time though.... Also as it gets softer take some nail clippers and try and scrap off what you can.
you may have to go to a nail salon. or you can take a cuticle pusher (this is how i remove my fake nails) and dig under it then push it up and pop it off... its not painful at all...
figure nail? ffs...
soak your finger in nail polish remover.

or wait a week and it'll come rigth off
Poor guy. Yeah they stick forever until your real nail grows out long enough to cut it!!! J/J soak it in nail polish remover (with acetone) or anything similar to that like turpintine. Good Luck, you'll never let that happen again will you?
Trying soaking your finger in acetone (finger nail polish). Also I heard hot water but be careful not to burn yourself.
Well like wait for a week.. Well for me i just wait until it looks ready to come off then i start bitting it like it is my real nail, then after i can't bit it no more i use a nail file..
soak it in pure acetone

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