Sunday, January 17, 2010

I was wearing fake nails and one pulled my actual nail off is this ok???

me and my friend were wearing fake nails and the nail glue wouldn't stick so we used krazy glue. then when i had to take them off one of my actual nails came off with it. will my nail grow back. and will it look the same? also how long will it take to grow back?!I was wearing fake nails and one pulled my actual nail off is this ok???
WOW I bet that hurt!

When I was a teenager I smashed my thumb nail on the handle bar of a bicycle. Needless to say, the whole nail turned black and fell took months for it to grow back.

I never went to the doctor for this. That is wasted money.

Just keep it clean and dry, do not wrap it up cause it will be too moist, (you want it to harden up). It will grow back. My nail grew back normally, however...there was a slight buildup of calcium down the middle of the thumb nail. This went away with time.

Good luck, you will be just fine.

Like the others said, don't use the store fake nails, they ARE trashy.I was wearing fake nails and one pulled my actual nail off is this ok???
ok ouch!

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first of all why would you be wearing fake nails, and second of all why did you use KRAZY GLUE of all things.

it'll take a few months to full grow back...of course its not good if your nail comes off, i would recommend even seeing a doctor so that he can bandage it up right so you don't get a major infection
No, it could get infected. Id go to a doctor if I were you.

Also, why on earth would you use Krazy glue? You know that stuff wouldnt come off, so why did you use it?


%26amp; someone said they went to the doctor %26amp; thats its a waste of money. Its not. One of my friends pinky nails came off and they kept it clean and bandaged up, but it got an infection and it never grew in properly.. so now it hurts her everytime she puts even the slightest pressure on it.
Ouch! Here's a thought from a guy who knows nothing about nails. I had the toenail from my big toe removed (both feet). One grew back normal...the other is a littled messed up because it got an infection.

So,.... keep it clean.

It will take about 6 months to more than a year to fully grow back. Every person is different, and a lot of it is based on nutrition.
Don't ever wear fake nails from the store. They're trashy.

and yes, your nail will grow back, it will take months.

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