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I want remove my fake nails, will soaking it in nail polish remover be enough?

depends on how well done your nails are, and what kind of nails they are

the kind that you get with DIY kits can be tricky- i remember being 10, with my older sister's first experiment with DIY acrylic nails- the kind you get tips, powder, liquid, and glue with- and being to angered at the fact i couldn't participate in art class that i was able to painlessly pry them off of my nails. upon further research, that was probably not the best idea, as it can take off layers of your natural nail.

solars and gels can be a little more tricky- some people say that they don't always come off with the acetone/foil/cotton ball method, and others just soak their nails in pure acetone for an hour (yeeck! sounds scary- i'd personally avoid it)

i've only had my own nails done three times for prom, but each time i use the same method to get them off. it takes forever, but it works. don't be too afraid to experiment if you're determined not to get them removed professionally.

1. i'd clip off as much of the fake nails as i could without getting my real nails, then follow up the clippings with a file to get them almost flush with the real nail.

2. here's the fun part- if your fake nails are painted, they're generally finished with a protective top coat. if they're not, they more than likely still are :P. you're gonna need to get a good deal of the top coat off to make taking off the acrylics easier when you're soaking. be careful! i filed one finger too fast and gave myself a good burn, that felt SO much better while soaking. XP

3. completely soak cotton balls in acetone, and then take the cotton balls and place them on top of your nails, then wrap 'em tightly in foil. you're gonna have to sit and wait for about half an hour, so you can do some studying or make a much overdue (whoops!) phone call to friends or family or watch some TV or what not. it's gonna be a while.

4. one nail at a time, unwrap a nail and scrape the acrylic off the nail- it should be easy. i think it's common practice to use an orangewood stick for the de-gunking. if there's still glue or other residue on the nail, you can follow up after the de-gunking with a q-tip with a little nail polish remover if you're serious about getting it off, or you could be lazy like myself and just buff it off later. it'll disappear pretty well if you buff it off and put some clear nail polish on your nails afterwards.

5. the acetone probably dried out your skin a bit. go over your hands, nails, and cuticle areas with a good rubbing with a conditioning hand lotion, like the stuff curel makes, or palmer's cocoa butter, brand doesn't really matter, i like the body butter lotion from the dollar tree- it's got bee's wax and shea butter. just a good trusted lotion- your hands'll thank you :D

that's pretty much it- everyone has their own method. i just don't think i could live with sticking my fingers in half an inch of pure acetone for an hour.I want remove my fake nails, will soaking it in nail polish remover be enough?
I had to soak mine in alcohol and my mom bought me artificial nail polish remover from walgreens. Make sure you have some time to spare though because it took me 3 1/2 hours to do.I want remove my fake nails, will soaking it in nail polish remover be enough?

you need to pry them off too!
Well, you can try to do it yourself, but let me tell you.....the best thing to do is go to a local salon and let them do it.....My salon charges ten dollars and it's well worth it. They will let them soak in acetone for probably thirty to forty minutes...then they will try to ';slip'; off the old nails and let them soak a little more. Afterwards, they use one of their sanders to get off any left-over acrylic. It's way better than what I am able to do myself....
First off, soak in nail polish remover until they are loose and start to peel. Otherwise you will hurt nails - certainly never, ever use brute force.

The bottom line is that you must just soak and wait. There is no other way. Also ensure that between uses of fake nails you allow the real nails to breathe for at least a couple of weeks.


Soak your fake nails in pure 100% acetone. It is EXTREMELY flammable so be VERY careful. When the fake nails get soft, gently peel off the tip. If the whole tip doesn't come off, soak it again until the tips get soft enough to peel completely off. This is how the salon does it. You may have to use a metal nail file to pry the tip and filler completely off your regular nail, but be careful that you don't damage your natural nail.
I had to use acetone to get mines off and them just pull them off. it hurts
Use nail polish remover with acetone. It will come off put it will take a while.
Usually thats what it takes but preferably one with acetone

Merry Christmas
yeah and also, you need to pry em off too.

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