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Im a chronic nail biter and need to stop. would fake nails do the trick?

iv made an appointment to get fake nails done, and i just want them to look completely natural. not long, not coloured, no stupid decorations or anything, just plain. iv heard stories of fake nails ruining your real nails, is this true? would you reccomend this as a plan of action in breaking the habit?Im a chronic nail biter and need to stop. would fake nails do the trick?
Nail biting is just the symptom. I would recommend treating the underlying problem. STRESS!

I'm serious about this. Whether it's an oral fixation or OCD, the nail biting is just the symptom.

On the practical side, find a replacement. I smoked for 15 years. I quit with the ';patch'; and by nibbling on baby carrots.Im a chronic nail biter and need to stop. would fake nails do the trick?
I am also a horrible nail biter. I have gone the fake nails route, but alas, I am still a nail biter. HOWEVER, I think if you are really dedicated, fake nails (acrylics?), can really help. They helped me stop for a while, but eventually stress and boredom caught back up and I went back to biting them.

First off, your nails have to be a certain length to start out with for them to be able to put the nails on. Once you have them, you will most likely still get the urge to chew them or at least put them in your mouth. Resist it! Just keep them completely away from your mouth at all times and it will help you resist once you get them off.

I would recommend getting fill ins or getting the fake nails replaced a few times considering they only last about 2-3 weeks and that will most likely not be long enough to break the habit. Once you do decide to take them off for good, your nails will be really brittle and sharp and will peel easily. They will be brittle for a couple weeks and it will be VERY tempting to peel or bite them in this stage. I would recommend getting some strengthening polish to put on them.

After a while, your nails will get strong again (they will not be permanently damaged) and hopefully you will be able to keep up with the not biting!

Good luck from a fellow nail biter!
Hia :)

I was a biter too, what helped me : making videos on my nails. (with the stupid designs :)))

My way was this: saw a video on youtube, and I thought awwwww I can do nail designs (I can, but I did it on my friends nails-I'm not a nail technician), so I did a video on a fake nail, and people liked it a lot, so I started to care more for my nails (in order to be able to continue making videos, I had to not bite anymore) this simple.

Before this I tried everything, because it was sooo annoying to have ugly nails, I tried acrylics- did like them, but when I removed them, my nails were even more damaged then before, so I wouldn't suggest you to get acrylics.

Maybe you'll like my idea, I hope so, because this helped others too, so:

figure out a nail care routine, a daily one, and a weekly one, just 10 minutes in which you care for your nails, but you have to loooove the routine; for example once a week soak your nails into orange juice with a few drops of olive oil, soak your nails for about 5-10 minutes, then push back the cuticles, cut the excess skin, and use a hand cream, and use vitamin E oil for your cuticles (vitE makes miracles)....

For a daily routine I would suggest some type of nail hardener, or growth booster (Sally Hansen has some good ones), but not polish at first, and every time that you remember apply vitamin E oil on your cuticles and nails and massage the oil into your nail.

I hope you succeed :)

Take care,

I tried the same thing, thinking it would help me with my horrible nail-biting habit. After a week, my fake nails were chipped on the ends from my subconscious nail-biting. It didn't help me at all. I am still trying to find a way to stop. Sometimes I do it when I'm not even thinking about it. I find myself doing it while I'm driving, watching TV, anything really, that doesn't require both hands...Don't you hate this habit?
uhh... i dont recommend getting fake nails expecting to break the habit... this will not only fail, but you run the chance of catching fungus--%26gt; when you bite the nails=saliva=moisture under acrylic nails+ accumulating bacteria=possible unwanted fungus...

sooo... my co-worker said her husband wouldn't stop biting his nails and so every time she saw him biting them, she slapped his hand. and guess what? after a while, it worked. lol. i suggest you do something as such, or put garlic on them so you stop biting them...
put a loose, thin rubber band around your wrist. when you catch yourself biting, pop the rubber band while thinking about the biting. soon, you'll train yourself not to bite. but you actually have to make the rubberband hurt you or it won't work.
Ok sorry I am not a female but I know what to do......1 of my ex's did this......try gum.....if that don't work peanuts.....the tricks is to catch yourself doing it and making a point to stop.....most people don't know the things they do at first but then catch themselves later..... if you chew gum your mouth is busy and you most likely won't put fingers in there.....if all else falls go to doc. for nerves....
using fake nails would just damage your teeth, and i had a friend who accidently ripped her fake nail doing that. i recommend wrapping band-aids around your finger nails to stop biting your nails, they are less damaging and usaually work.
it works for some people,fake nails some times hurts the existing nails

but of course that damage grows out.By the way anyone who was a nail biter, and has stopped, ends up with great looking, strong nails
start chewing gum. i got fake nails and stopped but as soon as i got them off i started biting them cause they were long.
well it makes your nails week ! try painting you nails all nice and then when you bite them it tastes bad thats what helped me !
i wouldn't

i got acrylics put on to stop biting and i ruined my teeth biting the acrylic. its not the way to stop
dip fingers in vinager

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