Friday, January 15, 2010

Is Wal-Mart nail salon a good place to get fake nails??

I have small nails, and i'm not sure if Wal-Mart nail salon do a small size. I just want to know if Wal-Mart nail salon do smallish size for fake nails.Is Wal-Mart nail salon a good place to get fake nails??
NO, do not get your nails done at walmart. These salons are well known for their cheap, shoddy work, and have been cited many, many times for having unsanitary conditions. These people are just workers - they don't qualify as nail techs in my book. They do not speak our language, they are unskilled, and incompetent at their jobs. I have never even once heard anything good about these nail places in walmart. Hey, if you want crappy nails, go for it. But I would say to go to a real salon. Support American owned, and operated nail salons by giving them your business and not these chop shops like they have in walmart, and on every street corner and in every strip mall. Everyone thinks that these are THE places to go because they are so cheap, and fast. Well, they are, but they suck at doing nails. They are cheap because they use crappy products. They are fast because they don't do nails the right way - they take every shortcut in the book, and then some. Your choice though...Is Wal-Mart nail salon a good place to get fake nails??
Their language has nothing to do with the way they perform at their job. that's a lil racist... Also expensive is not always better.

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i go there all the time-- well i go to the one near me-- and they do the BEST nails!! I wont go anywhere but there-- but some walmart nail salons arent as good-- there are only 2 that i will go to-- but they are really good-- better then when i had to pay about $60 for nails-- dont waste the money

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its their own company, not walmart, if that makes sense

i used to bite my nails, so i would have small nails. any good and qualified person can do them. when you first get them done they may look not as normal since you do have small nails, but as time goes on and your nails start to grow, they will look good.

walmart actually has better prices that i have seen compared to other salons in my area
I have never had a good turn out with Walmart nail salon. They do small nails because thats what I have but i would look around for another place. If your just needing it for one night I always buy fake nails at walmart called Broadway nails, i get the short ones and they look pretty good :)
Go to a salon. If you find a properly qualified nail technician that isnt afraid to answers ANY questions you have, has her/his certificates proudly on display, (among other things) then they should be able to help you safely and hygenically.
smiles...okay if youre talking about those little stores usually in the front section of doesnt own those stores....those stores are only renting the space from you will have to call the salon and ask them,
you go where they sell the nails in the fake ones in wlamart not the salon. that is high and expensive or go to sallys and buy them there they are cheaper. its easyt o find them just get moving.

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