Friday, January 15, 2010

I had my nails done a couple days ago and i want to tke the fake nail of how?

with nail polish remover aceitone or none acetone?I had my nails done a couple days ago and i want to tke the fake nail of how?
If you are trying to remove acrylic nails, you can try it yourself at home with acetone based nail polish remover. If they are gel nails, those need to be removed at the salon. Even acrylic nails can be best removed at a salon, just so that there is minimal damage to your own natural nail bed.I had my nails done a couple days ago and i want to tke the fake nail of how?
To remove artificial enhancements from your nails you will have to use pure acetone.

If you have a gel overlay on the nails or gel enhancements you will have to first break the gel seal. You can do this with a nail file. File the nails to remove the shine.

Pour some acetone in a glass bowl and soak your nails. It will take about 30 minutes per hand. With the nails in the acetone, use an orangewood stick to scrape off the loosened product. Soak and scrape until all the product is removed.
if you got them done at a nail salon.. ur going to have to wait a few more days before u take them.. cuz i got them off like 3 days later.. and they hurt so much.. also it damaged my nails.. so wait a few days and then go to a nail salon and tell them u want it off.. and they will do it for u.. but u have to pay.. not too expensive
To remove fake nails properly, with little to no damage to the nail bed, soak them in pure acetone. This method takes awhile so be patient, watch a movie or something while soaking.

There are kits to remove them that are usually pure acetone to soak in and plastic scrubbing fingers to rub against gently, they will remove the nail as it dissolves. Do NOT pry. just dissolve slowly, you can use a toothbrush to occasionally scrub off the softened bits. Then use a strong moisturizer on your hands afterwards because the acetone will dry out the skin.
Just be prepared to have terrible nails for a little while. I know you can get them taken off at the salon you might want to just do that. Although, I'll warn you, your nails will most likely be paper thin and look a little odd for a while until they grow out to past where the artificial nails were put on. I used to use nail tips and then the powder and liquid they do in the salons, but after so many days I wanted to take them off, so I pried them off. This will rip layers off your nails if your nails aren't very strong. I'm not saying you're going to loose huge pieces of your nail or anything (because you shouldn't), but you should be careful and not rush getting them off if you do it at home. Soak them an acetone nail polish remover (this will take ages) and then slowly work them off and make sure you use a nail hardener nail polish to try to stregethen them after they're off. Good luck!

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