Friday, January 15, 2010

My fake nail broke and theres glue all over my finger nail! How can i get the glue off?

See, i got my nails done at some nail world place and one of them broke off, so i decided to break them all off. now theres glue, like from the fake nail all over my nail. when i got my nail done, the guy put some gel can i get it all off my nail without ruining my nail..even though it is kinda ruined..My fake nail broke and theres glue all over my finger nail! How can i get the glue off?
CHAIN SAW OT OFFMy fake nail broke and theres glue all over my finger nail! How can i get the glue off?
Fake nail?

Cut off your finger and try and get a fake of that. Or abandon fake nails for good and be content with what nature has given you. You sound like a bloke with a perfectly serviceble dick who wants penis enlargement.
warm water is all i can think of or ask someone who can help
hacksaw it
Acetone - it takes patience. You can buy this from a good chemist and Black (Afro) hair shops.!!!

Just put on a good movie and sit back, relax and .......soak!
soak your fingers in water then file ur nail but dont file too mcuh nail polish remover works also
it will come off eventually over a couple of days without you realising it by using your hands in water.
soap and water
Pick it off.. go on you know you want to......Pick it!!
soak your hands in very warm soapy water prefebly bubble bath and it will start to ease them of or get a bowl full of nailvarnish remover and soak your fingers and they will slowly come off me personaly find warm soapy water best
Don't bother, just wear nice gloves.
hot soapy water
acetone. can get it from boots or chemists
soak you nails in acetone, if you don't have any then some nail varnish removers contain it so you could try that.

Alternatively you could go back to the place you had them put on and they could sort it out for you.

hope you get it off.
Next time, put the glue on your useless, stupid gob.
Hi, ive learnt my lesson with fake nails, they always break off and ruin your nails. Really your suppose to soak your nails in nail varnish remover, or washing up liquid. But it still doesnt get the glue off and your left with dry nails. I recommend resoaking them in nail varnish remover and rubbing most of the glue off or try soaking in warm water, Just afterwards please apply a good hand and nail moisuriser, to get them back in condition. But i wouldnt recommend using them again. every time ive had fake nails on iam left with brittle glue nails,Yuk. Just do it your self its really easy, i practiced doing my own nails and people have commented on them thinking i have been to a salon.
ACETONE...nail polish remover. Try soaking your nails in nail polish remover. If it's that bad then go back to the nail bar ;-)
If you have some finger nail polish remover with aceton you can use that. If not you can go by some pure aceton nail remover put this in a bowl that you want eat out of again and soak your nails for about 10 minutes and the glue and nails and gel will start to disolve and you can just srcape it off your nails. Scarpe all you can then file your nails if you still have more on your nails just repeat the whole process. Now if this is too much for you just go back to the shop and ask them to remove your nails.
nail polish remover
chain saw
soak in warm, soapy water. Then it it still doesn't pick off, get nail polish remover and a nail file. Works every time.
nail varnish remover
go buy some acetone from a model shop, it worked for me when i glued a 1/35th scale type 72 main battle tank to my leg. first i tried soapy water but the transfers came off. does that help?
u dont get fake i just fixed ur problem.
.Ah no, broken nails! I'm an expert!

The best way to remove the glue is to soak your nails in acetone, lots of nail varnish removers have this as an ingredient. Takes a while but works really well, and is pain free!
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