Friday, January 15, 2010

Can I put nail polish over my fake nails?

I mean, stick on ones?

Also, I have other fake nail related Q's too.

How long do stick on fake nails last?

How do you sleep with fake nails?

How can you avoid getting them wet?


xxCan I put nail polish over my fake nails?
Stick on ones meaning glue on? or sticker on?

If you mean glue on ones, any are good as long as you put a decent amount of glue on each nail and stick them down very firmly. They should last at least 2 weeks if you have put them on right. Sleep perfectly with them. To avoid getting them wet make sure you wear washing up gloves when doing the dishes and also if you are really bothered like me i always wear the gloves when i wash my hair too and even when i have a shower, sounds mad but it works and they last ages. And yes you can paint them but only once because if you use nail varnish remover on them they will melt because of the acetone in the polish remover.

If you mean the sticker ones i'd not even bother wasting your money they are rubbish, don't even last an hour.Can I put nail polish over my fake nails?
yes you can paint them but stick on nails dont last long a few days at the most depends if what you are doing with your hands.a good strong nail glue will keep them on longer if u want them off soak in acetone nail varnish can sleep with them on fine aswell and as for getting them wet that cant b helped
put it in water
Yes you can paint them, they last 10days I change mine every week, you sleep normal if you use nail glue your fine if they are pre glued or sticky tabs they may come off when you are sleeping, they are fine to get wet.
Yes, you can paint them with your favourtie polish %26amp; if creativity strikes you, you can even make your own nail art with jewels, sticklers and nail charms.

Usually fake nails can last for 2 weeks or even up to a month, depending on how well you take care of them and of cos on how fast your nails will grow out.

You may feel uneasy when you first put it on as it feels as though it is too fragile to do anything with them. However, once the glue is dried and the nail is properly stuck on, it stays like your own nails.

I have worn mine to sleep, work, cook, washing the clothes %26amp; doing chores around the house with no problem. And yes, the glue is waterproof so do not worry about getting them wet.

they last about 1 week

like normal

put gloves on and seal them :]
I use the stick on ones from Drug Stores as well, and I've tried the stick on ones, not really great I should say. Didnt stay on too long, one nail falls off the second day or so. And yes you can put nail polish over it, but dont do it too thick because the fake nail is already thick, and u jus sleepwith them like u would do wit ur other nails
go and get them done.. stick on ones fall off way to easy
as long as they are glue on ones it is fine you can put nail polish on em only the once though not to many layers other wise the will get to heavy fo the glue

they lat a good week even longer if you get the right ones

the ones for 7 pounds are the best

just sleep in em that is what i do

just get em wet if they are rubbish they comeo ff straight away

good luck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there only fake nails you can put nail polish on them!!!

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