Friday, January 15, 2010

How long do fake nail last for?

the nails you just buy at the drug store, and i want to know how long they last, i have the one with the glue not that tape/pads. and do the fall of easliy. And how do you remove them, i heard in warm water just soke them and they will remove?How long do fake nail last for?
drug store ones only last about a week and dont look very nice. just splurge and get them done at a salon. they will last longer and look better. and as for taking then would have to soak them in nail polish remover for about an hour to kinda loosen the glue and then gentyl pull them off..and your nails will be very thin and senstive for a while.How long do fake nail last for?
The drugstore ones last about a week. I recomend going to a nail sallon. Then those last for about a month. But I must warn you... if you do go to a sallon when one falls off it looks REALLY ugly. It costs about 20$ for both hands.
when i tryed using them they didnt even last a day.They constinetly fall off.Its worth is to get them done.If you do they last about 2-3 weeks
They wont last more than a week. especially because they are thin. If you hit them on something by accident they will brake off. Your better off getting them done at the salon, they last MUCH longer.
Well depends on what nails you get. And the glue.Like i use california nails and glue. Lasts for about a month.
like a week or two and i really need some advice on a question on my profile it says my friends mom awnser it plz
usually they last for a week to 10 days, and yeah to remove them soak them in hot water, it should soften up the glue. Also, don't try to peel them hurts

unless you want to spend a lot of money, don't go to a nail get GOOD acrylic nails that aren't dangerous to your nails is about $50-$65 to get put on and then you have to go in every 2 weeks to get a fill...which is about $20-$30. Also depending on what you do, when acrylic nails fall of they KILL because they are like attached to your nail.

Acrylic nails stay on for a long time and they look really nice...just be sure and ask what they use to seal them, some things can damage your nails forever, so just be cautious
as long as u get them refilled at the same place u got them, a long time. i have had mine on sine like the 17th of august! and they r still good, and i have only refilled them like once! hope it helps. just make sure it wuz da same place. hope it helps.

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