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How are you going to do your nails on your wedding day? Will you have acrylics or another type of fake nail?

I had bio-gels done with a nice french manicure.

they are stronger and more durable than my own nails, so I wouldn't have to worry about chipping and breakage on my special day (or during the honeymoon either)

The way I look at it, its a special day and you should indulge yourself.

Besides, everyone will be looking at your hands as they want to see your new ring, and quite possibly the photographer will want take pictures of your hands as well.

congrats, best wishes.How are you going to do your nails on your wedding day? Will you have acrylics or another type of fake nail?
As a recent nail tech graduate, I can tell you that acrylics are very damaging to your natural nailbed. In fact, my sister can't even wear them due to the primer that has to go on as the first step. I don't like them because they are so thick that you can't do anything on your own. The other artificial nail options are much better for your natural nails if you ever decide to go back. Silks, fiberglass, gels are all much better than acrylics and even look more natural if that is the look you are going for. I will probably opt for either gels or silks since I prefer those. My nails tend to break off as soon as they start to grow out so I would go with them for that reason.

I personally do not like the French manicure look on myself. I tend to go for bold and dark colors of polish so will most likely go with something that coordinates with our colors and fits with my own personality.How are you going to do your nails on your wedding day? Will you have acrylics or another type of fake nail?
I normally get a basic manicure for special events. However, I use to wear fake nails (both acrylics and silks). Your own nails are more nature, but they tend to break easily and I find my polish chips on my own nails. Our nature nails produce oil and that causes the polish to chip, peel and crack.

Therefore, the fake nails hold polish better. I plan on doing a french maincure, when I finally do get married (I'm not engaged yet). Just because they hold up longer and tend to stay neat for longer.

I'll probably go with silk wraps or maybe treat myself to gels (which can be expensive) with a french manicure.
I have an appointment for a french manicure and pedicure the day before the wedding. Of the many genetic quirks I got from my mom, one I'm actually blessed with is strong nails that grow well, so I won't have fake nails (unless I break one in the next week and it would look weird) I've only had a french manicure once before, for my prom, and I loved it.
My nails are long and thick and natural. They look fake though and I get compliments on them all the time, so I've NEVER once gotten gel or acrylic nails b/c they ruin your real nails. Anyways, mine will be white french tipped w/ a silver line and a little diamond on only two fingers. My dress is silver and I think a silver line where the white meets the natural color will be very stunning. I have them that way right now except a red stripe for the holidays!
I used to always get my nails done, but actually for my wedding day i think I want to be natural, maybe some wild paint color or design like red or black since my colors are black, red and white. Or maybe a natural french tip. Whatever it is, I want to natural! Fake nails are hard to keep up, expensive to get done, and a hassle to take them off!

What about you?
Fake nails are a fashion faux pas (uugh)

A french manicure is best option

Good luck

EDIT TO ADD: Bubbles, how DARE you to disagree with me???? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This must be a first! ha!

Short acrylics with a french manicure are very pretty (like your wedding nails) but fake glue ons that are two inches long and curve have glitter and chinese symbols on them are soooo trashy.
Depends on you- I can't believe I am going to disagree with Blunt! LOL

This has never happened before.

I got fake nails but I am an artist and hard on my hands. Everyone in my family said EWWWW but after the picture came out and they saw my now natural nails a year later, back to their bad selves... my mom said thank, god you had them done for the pictures!

My nails are uneven and I dyed a few of them red last night screwing around with fabric dye and have pink paint under them- working on a painting.... and I knew I would chip them right away so I wanted fake ones. Then I just grew the fake ones off which didn't take that long and back to regular.

I personally ike the french nails.
I have acrylic over my own nails already so I will keep them that way (my own nails just don't grow without some help). I will probably opt for a french manicure for the wedding day. It looks classic and goes with everything and will still look good after the wedding.
I hate when I have long nails, I always break them!! ha ha. I'm going to use my natural nails.. And I get bored with the french manicure (even though it's gorgeous), but I'm going to do a soft pink color topped with small little peachy orange flowers. My colors are pool blue and a mango orange, so I want to tie it in somewhat.. I think it would look great against my white dress. My co-worker did a french, but had her tips a dark blue... It turned out great in the photos!!
I love the look of the French manicure. I only get mine done for special occasions (have long natural nails any way). I always have them put the gel on top of my natural nail, instead of buying tips. This is what I will be doing for my wedding.
I was going to get acrylic nails for my wedding day 3 years ago, but I ended up just going with a regular manicure and picked out a pretty and soft light color. It worked out well! My husband doesn't like anything fake so I'm glad I kept it natural.
Im actually doing acrylics and i hate them lol but they look so beautiful i couldnt do anything else. I wouldnt do the fakes you could get at the store because i would be worried that they could come off in the middle of the day
My nails are long so I don鈥檛 have fake nails. I originally planned to get a French manicure but I鈥檓 thinking I may get a regular manicure with no color at all. I even though I like it, I get tired of seeing French tips real or not.
to be honest I'm not doing any of it. I don't wear fake nails normally so I would think they would just get in the way on my wedding day. Last thing I need is something on my fingers driving me crazy.
I had a manicure done, that was it. No polish or any kind of fake nails, it's just not my kind of thing.
I had a french manicure.... You can never go wrong with french

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