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Which one is the best nail polish that help saving nails because I using fake nails too much?

HELP! I need know the type of nail polishing that will help gaining strength or protein in real nails because I am using too much of nail glue along with fake nails that cause damage to my pretty real nails. Any suggestions on website or store? how much?Which one is the best nail polish that help saving nails because I using fake nails too much?
Sally Hansen Hard As Nails nail lacquerWhich one is the best nail polish that help saving nails because I using fake nails too much?
Stop using anything with an acrylic base. You might need to consult an expert for this, depending on the state of your nails. Ideally, try for something with a strengthening element - Avon has one with strands of silk that you paint over in a criss-cross way.

Unfortunately the best cure will take time: time for your nails to grow back. It helps if you have a good diet with lots of calcium too.
use a cuticle oil....put it on ur nails when u file them...put it on before u put nail polish on, put it on after u put nail polish on (also helps dry the nail polish)

trust me i used acrylics all the time...and i started using cuticle oil, to stop the acrylic from peeling...I than relaised that my nails were growing faster and that in stead of getting my nails done every 4-5 weeks i was getting dem done every 2.4 weeks....i got rid of my acrylics and jus used my cuticle oild 24/7....and they have been more healthier than ever....

my toe nails love me for it as well.... i use tammy taylors cuticle comes in a little container that looks like nail polish...cost me 10 dollars....i love it....and will never be able to live with out it

i find my nails dnt chip and bend either.... hope cuticle oils works for u....coz its i cant stress how great it is
go to a nail salon and like get a treatment or whatever. i suggest not doing anything to your nails for awhile and letting the crappy parts grow out. then just grow your nails long and get them done %26amp; shaped and get a pretty french manicure, taht way its your real nail, not an icky fake one. my gramma got fake ones and got fungus.
Nail Envy, the origional formula, by OPI.

It works great! Strengthens %26amp; makes your nails grow fast. Apply a coat every couple of days (don't remove old polish every time, just put new coat over top), then after 1-2 wks, take it all off %26amp; reapply.
rub vegetable oil or corn oil on your nails before you go to sleep and when you wake up in the morning. it makes your nails harder and makes them grow faster.鈥?/a>

i use this,

i use fake nails all the time...........
nutra nails i think, they have it in rite aid or cvs
  • carmex lip balm
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