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How much do fake nails cost at a nail salon?

in pounds 拢 please.........i want to get fake nails (French manicure) how much duz it cost and how long do they stay on for? which salon in Romford is good to get them at? cheap ansers if possible please? how old do u have to be too?How much do fake nails cost at a nail salon?
Ooo, I live near there - not been to any salons there though but I've seen on in the wallwalk that has Greggs on one side, you eventually get to Primark, it's called 'Wags' or something like that.

Anyhoo - acrylic are very hardwearing and will grow-out so you'd need to have in-fills. I can't have these as my nails are quite thin, the acrylic is heavy and lifts off my own nail. Prices vary, 拢20-拢40 but the real expense is the monthly in-fils.

Gel are good, more flexible, lighter and can be soaked off. They will grow out although if you have oily nails, they won't be as long lasting. Again, 拢20-拢40 and as above, the real expense is the infills.

I don't think there's a minimum age but if you look really young they may turn you away...

Have you considered going to Sallys Hair %26amp; Beauty Supplies - it's in the walkway headed towards Woolworths (just before the subway to walk to Matalan)? You can buy the seperate bits, acrylic powder, liquid, glue and tips and have a go yourself.How much do fake nails cost at a nail salon?
The prices range from 拢25.00- 拢 50.00 depending on where you go, the cheapest will be about 拢20.00.

They last indefinitely but you will have to get them filled as your nails grow. As your nails grow, there will be a flat gap between your cuticle %26amp; the end of the fake nail because your own nails are thinner. They will need a layer of acrylic applied to even them out, or whatever the salon decides to put on and this will cost aswell about 拢5.00.

Beauty Works is a good salon in Romford. Here is the address:

127 Belgrave Avenue

Romford, Essex, RM2 6PS

Phone Number:

01708 728263

Call them and see if they do french manicures and if they dont there are plenty of other salons like:

Margaret Rose Centre

Lesprit Delle

J J's Nails

House of Beauty

Heaven %26amp; Earth;um=1鈥?/a>

You have to be at least 16 I think.

Good luck, hope you get a good manicure!

Chloe x
they cost like 20 bucks but my advice is just get a manicure and let your nails grow out because fake nail totally ruin your nails
It depends on where you go

there is no age limit

and I have no idea how to convert to euros, i dont even know where that key is on the key board....but usually 25$
from 25-50.. depends on the kind of nails you like and how they look..

how do i know, hahah ive taken my wife to get her nails.. the ones she usually gets is about35-40
Well I live in California and they cost $17.00. They last about 2 weeks because you need to get fills. But they can last longer it depends.
theres no age limit idk teh cost but in AMERICA about 20-40$ depending teh place mostly 15.. and its not huyrtful and stays on for less then a month a couple weeks
I don't know pounds and all of that, but if you have a CVS or pharmacy where you live buy them from there why waiste money when those are fine.
No age required. In my neighborhood good acrylics that last about 3 weeks cost $60.
$10 to $20 bucks and you can be any age to do it.
It depends on how long you want them etc. but they are around 25-30 dollars.
its better to get them at doller sote and gule them if not there are around 15$ my sis said so

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