Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Is there a difference between fake nails and nail tips?

i wanted to get my nails done and i heard that fake nails can ruin your nails. would nail tips be better? does anyone have any suggestions or comments that can help me?Is there a difference between fake nails and nail tips?
tips would be much better...they are just an extension of your nail but fake nails cover your whole nailIs there a difference between fake nails and nail tips?
They are basically the same thing. They are still going to have to do the same steps (sanding, filing, smoothing, etc) to your nail. They also apply the acrylic powder to your whole nail in both cases. If you're looking to get your nails done and don't want to damage them as much, I would highly recommend getting a silk wrap. They are more expensive than regular acrylic (about $50 vs $20) but they won't damage your nails nearly as bad. When it is time to get your nails removed, go back to the nail salon. They have special chemicals and ways to get them off. I tried taking mine off myself and I damaged my nails very badly.
there isn't really a difference. when you go into a salon they apply the tips to your nails and then they use acrylic to cover the rest of your nail. either way the whole thing is artificial and if you decided you want them off, get them removed by the professionals because you may end up pulling layers of your natural nail off.
Yes. Nails they do put a full nail on. most places just do tips then do acrylic over that. They are actually really bad for your nails. Becareful.

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