Friday, January 15, 2010

Using fake nails on finger without original nail?

Hello, I鈥檝e lost the fingernail on my index finger on one hand because I accidentally closed a car door on my index finger recently.

I鈥檓 wondering if anyone can tell me if there is a safe way to use some type of fake nail as a replacement for the now-gone real nail.

Thank you,

LinaUsing fake nails on finger without original nail?
I know what you mean! the same thing happened to me cause I close the bathroom door! my fingernail fail and it looks so funny without it and I try to put a fake one but guess what? bad news cause it didnt let me real nail grow cause it was on my real nail way! so I had pain for a long time like 2 months then I had to take it off and i just made myself blid, good luck but my best idvice is dont do it! just let it grow.Using fake nails on finger without original nail?
dont put it on. the glue will rip of your skin and your nail won't be able to grow back in
i wouldnt advise it

fake nails are nothing but bad news, even to existing nails.

it WILL grow back.


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